The University of Padova

Founded in 1222, the University of Padua is Italy’s second-oldest university and the world’s fifth oldest surviving university. Over the past ten years, the institution has continuously been ranked among the best Italian universities. Many of the university departments are located in buildings of high cultural and historical value, including the Bo Palace which is the historical seat of the University since 1493, the Anatomical Theatre built in 1594 and still preserved, the Cattedra di Galileo which is the chair from which the scientist uses to give his lectures, and the Botanical Garden founded in 1545 which is the world’s oldest academic botanical garden still in its original location and is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage.

Bo Palace, Anatomical Theatre

ILPC is among the most important global events for research, analysis, and empirical and theoretical discussion in the field of labour studies, the labour process and capitalist transformations. Each year, the conference brings together scholars and policymakers in sociology, business and management, industrial relations, organisational analysis and other disciplines to present their research, promote international collaborations and initiate processes of shared knowledge creation.

The venue for the ILPC 2022 conference will be in the city centre in a lively area, with several restaurants, snack bars and cafés.

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